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Hold on Tight: A Parent’s Journey Raising Children with Mental Illness

Perseverance…grit…empowerment.  Hold on Tight: A Parent’s Journey Raising Children with Mental Illness describes Jan Stewart’s raw and emotional journey raising two children with multiple mental health disorders.  The author details the roller coaster lives and challenges that both children have faced in detail, from the time they were born to the present as young adults in their 30’s.  Through compelling insights and advice, the book educates and empowers parents of children with similar challenges on how to better help their children and lead more fulfilling lives.  Health care professionals, as well as families, friends, educators, employers and others who interact with those facing these challenges, get an inside look into the lives and unique perspectives of these parents.  Powerful, honest and inspirational, the book inspires readers to persevere and never give up.

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Open, Insightful, and Enlightening Glimpse

“This is an open, insightful, and enlightening glimpse of a parent’s life with two challenging and engaging children.  Jan Stewart shines a light on how to help your child understand his/her self, and find a way to self-fulfillment, and how as a parent, to survive and thrive through instability, fear and chaos.  Tender and very moving.  If your life is connected to someone with mental health and/or cognitive difficulties, please read this book.”

Mary Pat Armstrong, CM
Founder and Chair, LIGHTS (partnership with Community Living Toronto that enables supportive housing for those with intellectual disabilities)

“Jan shares her observations and critical lessons, learned through real life occurrences.  This is an excellent journal and intervention manual for parents of neuro-diverse children.”

Ken Shyminsky , Educator, advocate and founder of NeurologicallyGifted.com

“We need to raise the money but we also need to change the dialogue about mental illness.  This book is an important contribution to that dialogue.”

Jamie Anderson, C.M. , Past Chair, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and CAMH Foundation